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Cloudy With a Chance of Whoppers

Burger King has been busy over the Pandemic. The company has unveiled their "rebranded" logo which is a clear throwback to their past logos, but they didn't stop there! This overhaul covers all aspects of their brand in a supremely cohesive fashion. The review on Creative Blog details the imagery and points out that "as many designs of late, BK has joined the flat design party, but unlike some other brands, has pulled it off in a personality filled way that feels celebratory."

Another change focused on the importance of color choice. For the rebrand, Burger King removed the blue from the logo because "there's no blue food," Global Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado told Insider. "Buns don't shine," he said, so that had to go, too. - Business Insider.

Technology at the drive through is the next major enhancement for BK. They have joined the ranks of McDonalds and Amazon by introducing “predictive selling” technology. An article from states "the modernized system involves installing over 40,000 digital drive-thru screens with “predictive selling” technology that can suggest items based on previous orders, trending promotions, time of day and local weather. Forecast calls for a Double Whopper with cheese!"

So, whether you are craving a Whopper or just want to check out their new technology and designs, take your design curiosity to BK to see what's cooking.

Burger King Logos Through the Years

Cover image from Business Insider

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