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It's time for a refresh!

Get 2021 off to a great start with these quick and easy ways to update your marketing and online presence.

  1. Check your contact information Make sure your social media and search engine results have your most recent contacts, hours of operation and location information.

  2. Update your services and personnel Review your About and Services pages on your website and social sites.

  3. Add an interactive calendar Services, such as Calendly, make it easy for people to book appointments right from your email signature or site.

  4. Use it or lose it If you have an e-commerce or subscription based site, make sure it's up to date. Designate someone to manage the content or if you are not committed to managing the site it might be time to take it down until you are ready to make it a priority.

  5. Try something new Consider adding a contest to your social media site, run a social media ad, partner with a local business, or develop a new email or text messaging marketing campaign.

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